Xzibit Responds To Kush Up Challenge With Massive 8 Gram Joint

Xzibit accepts the #KushUpChallenge after Wiz Khalifa issues the challenge his way.

The rap community has found interesting ways to pass time in the midst of what seems to be a global lockdown. Coronavirus has everyone in their homes in anticipation that this will all pass soon and people are launching all sorts of challenges on social media. Personally, I'm participating in the social distancing challenge which isn't all so challenging after all. Anyways, Gillie Da King l

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has now stepped up to the plate after being nominated by . As Xzibit played a role in advocating for its legalization in California, he's also jumped into the industry himself so  like or Herbo. Instead, he whipped out an eight-gram joint that's seven grams flower and one gram live resin rolled in a live resin-infused paper.

Per the rules, Xzibit had to take 10 tokes of his joint without letting out any smoke. Xzibit accomplished this not once but twice, though the second time was definitely more clear. "Yeah, there we go," he said before letting out a loud cough.

Xzibit took the moment to nominate a few other OG smokers such as B-Real and Sen Dog of Cypress Hill, , , and .

Peep Xzibit's #KushUpChallenge below.