YACHT touring “artificially intelligent rock doc” ‘The Computer Accent’ w/ screenings & live shows

You may recall that canny Portland group YACHT's 2019 album Chain Tripping was co-written with AI software that analyzed all their discography and suggested new YACHT songs -- and the album title -- from the data. While making the album, filmmakers Sebastian Pardo and Riel Roch-Decter had cameras rolling. The result is what they call an "artificially intelligent rock doc," The Computer Accent. Here's the synopsis:

While Artificial Intelligence has made in-roads in almost every area of human labor, the field of artistic creation was once regarded as relatively safe from automation—for what is art without the human soul? Roch-Decter and Pardo’s The Computer Accent offers a look at an age of AI artistry that may be coming sooner than you think, documenting the fascinating, sometimes frustrating “collaboration” between the post-pop group YACHT and a state-of-the-art computer that has studied their back catalog, algorithmically generating music, lyrics, and the title for the band’s seventh album, Chain Tripping, to then be recorded in the studio by the flesh-and-blood trio. Heartening or horrifying depending on your viewpoint, The Computer Accent is a window into the future.

You can watch a clip from The Computer Accent below.

YACHT will be taking the documentary, and the band, on the road for screenings and live shows this fall, including San Francisco this weekend, and NYC, Portland and Bellingham shows in October. In NYC the film will be screened at Metrograph on 10/21 with Q&A to follow, and YACHT will perform live at Brooklyn's Public Records on 10/23.

All screening and live dates are listed, along with a stream of Chain Tripping, below.


9/29 - San Francisco - Gray Area Festivla (screening + Q&A)
9/30 - San Francisco - Gray Area Festivla (live performance)
10/21 - NYC - Metrograph (screening + Q&A)
10/23 - Brooklyn - Public Records (live performance)
10/25 - Portland, OR - Portland Art Museum (screening + live performance)
10/28 - Bellingham, WA - Pickford Film Center (screening + Q&A)