Young Thug Responds To Sauce Walka’s Boxing Match Challenge

Sauce Walka challenged Young Thug to a boxing match, but Thug has a better idea.

Quarantine boredom affects us all in different ways. For Sauce Walka, apparently it means attempting to put on a celebrity fight match??? The rapper shared a video clip yesterday on Instagram, announcing his intentions to fight any "real celebrity" who would agree to it, while showing off several stacks of cash. Among the celebrities he called out-- .

Thug and Sauce Walka have a history of beef together, mostly consisting of Sauce Walka taunting Thug in whatever ways he can. or lack thereof. Still, when Thug saw Sauce and seemingly link up on good terms, 

Now, the latest iteration of their beef comes in the form of these Instagram jabs. On the video where Sauce proclaimed, "I will beat up Logan Paul, Jake Paul, or any rapper that's a real celebrity that wanna fight me," Thug entered the comment section.

Despite Sauce trying to show off with the stacks of cash he has on hand, Thug actually one-ups the rapper with his comment. "U need to put that money into ya homies, build your label up..I’m sure it’s niggas around u without, put them niggas to work too..boss up lil brother... I don’t want no smoke with u. BTW I JUST SPENT THAT ON GROCERIES THIS MONTH," he writes, confirming he doesn't want any beef with the rapper and asking him to put all that cash to good use.

Thug simultaneously puts Sauce Walka in his place while being the bigger man AND flexing all in one comment-- it's quite the feat. Thug's comment earned him 1,349 likes and 155 replies.

Take a look at Thug's comment and Sauce Walka's initial video post below.

Young Thug Responds To Sauce Walka's Boxing Match Challenge