Zico says ‘Spot!’ was “crafted specifically” for BLACKPINK’s Jennie

South Korean musician Zico has revealed that ‘Spot!’, his new collaboration with BLACKPINK‘s Jennie, was “crafted specifically” for the K-pop idol.

In a new interview with Johnathan of YouTube channel The K-star Next Door, Zico opened up about the process that led to him collaborating with BLACKPINK singer Jennie on their new hit song, ‘Spot!’, and what it was like working together.

The rapper revealed that he “didn’t pick the song first and then decide on the featuring artist” because he wanted to work with Jennie in particular. “I thought, ‘I want to collaborate with Jennie,’ and then created the song [which] was crafted specifically for [her],” he said, per SBS Star.

Zico added that in addition to ‘Spot’, he had made “five other options” for Jennie to choose from. “Every one of them was tailored for Jennie,” he continued. “I narrowed them down to two… then played those two for her. If there was only one option, it might not capture her interest, you know.”


The musician also opened up about how he “had to understand Jennie’s style” beforehand as they “hadn’t worked together before”. He added: “Jennie tends to interpret the song herself. Instead of proposing options, I simply kept recording and would say, ‘I like that part,’ when I found something I liked.”

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Prior to ‘Spot!’, Zico’s last release was his July 2022 mini-album ‘Grown Ass Kid’, featuring the singles ‘Seoul Drift’ and ‘Freak’. Since then, the K-pop idol has launched the boyband BOYNEXTDOOR under his KOZ Entertainment, a subsidiary of HYBE.


Meanwhile, Jennie previously released the song ‘Slow Motion’ with Brockhampton‘s Matt Champion, her first release since she launched her own label Odd Atelier. The singer later revealed that she and Champion had worked on the song more than “three years ago”.