AKITA Reveals How The Band Came Together To Create Their Signature Sound

Known for their unique style, the seven-member funk band, AKITA, recently talked about how the group was formed and the plans they have for their future releases, including their anticipated album, For The Night. The members have already shared “The Way It Is” from the upcoming LP and are to drop the full record sooner than expected.

Providing insight into the group's origins, AKITA reveals: “The band was started by drummer Patrick, bassist Zak, and sax man Charlie. The three of them started rehearsing for fun in Patrick's living room and while the goal wasn't to play shows as quickly as possible, the three of them immediately knew they could create something special.” 

They also speak about how they came across the rest of the members: “Our trombonist Dan and first guitarist Sam were searching on Craigslist to join a band and found the trio! Tomi on keys was pulled into the fold as a mutual musician/friend we had gotten to know from another group and same with our singer Ade and new guitarist Zach.”

AKITA admits that the creative process can sometimes get challenging: “Songwriting in a group of seven can be rough going at first, we’re a wild bunch from various backgrounds. Seven ideas, seven people’s emotions, seven ways of interpreting the other seven ideas, it can be challenging. Fortunately, the chemistry we’ve developed allows us to entertain each other’s ideas, know our role in the band, and most importantly make decisions for what sounds best as a group.”

The band pays tribute to legendary artists while crafting their distinct sound. For example, the title track of their eagerly awaited record, For The Night, infuses the lively dance energy of Earth, Wind, & Fire, while "Tiger Claw" channels inspiration from Lettuce. AKITA’s new album, which follows "The Way It Is," is set to drop this week.

Listen to “The Way It Is” on Spotify: