Riot for Romance Unveils Upcoming Album And Creative Process

American post-punk band, Riot for Romance, has recently announced their upcoming album, which promises to explore the theme of unburdening from toxic worldviews. In a recent interview, the band members, Jason Hansen, Brett Miotti, and Kelly Nunn, shared their songwriting process and how they approach intimate topics. 

The band writes from their own experiences, aiming to create music that resonates with a larger audience. The new album will delve into the struggles of everyday life, offering a fresh perspective on how to unload baggage accumulated over the years. As Brett Miotti explains, “We were chatting and I mentioned making the decision to no longer feel burdened by things I can’t control and to focus on what I can control.”

Riot for Romance’s music has always been a reflection of their vulnerability and passion, as they sing about personal and intimate topics. Jason Hansen believes that singing is like any other instrument, and he tries to extract the emotion an intimate topic evokes. He writes lyrics that connect to a particular emotion, one that everyone experiences, making it relatable to each person listening. 

As a multi-state band, Riot for Romance has used technology to their advantage, collaborating and recording remotely. They use digital workstations to shape their music compositions, and make most of the programs that help bring to life the sound they hear in their heads. Kelly Nunn also notes that technology has allowed them to share and record ideas with each other, creating a more efficient and collaborative writing process.

Riot for Romance's upcoming album promises to be an authentic and compelling reflection of their creative energy and passion. Their ability to balance individual creativity with collaboration and communication, along with their use of technology, has enabled them to make powerful and relatable music that resonates with their fans.

Listen to Riot for Romance’s music below: