Alice Boman discusses the inspirations behind new LP ‘The Space Between’ (listen to “Soon”)

Alice Boman's new album The Space Between is out tomorrow, and just ahead of that she's shared one of its highlights, "Soon," a gentle number propelled by lightly brushed drums and jazzy arrangement. “This is one of the first songs that I wrote for this album and it’s also my favorite one," says Alice. "It’s about not keeping things inside, because eventually you will explode. I think we all need some kind of output or someone to talk to — somewhere to channel our thoughts or feelings. I remember clearly where and when it came to me and I still love that first voice memo of it." You can watch the video below.

For more on the The Space Between, Alice made us a list of 10 inspirations behind the album, including Thom Yorke, Brian Eno, The War on Drugs, Dune, and more. Read Alice's list and commentary below.

The Space Between is out October 21 and features Perfume Genius on "Feels Like a Dream." She'll be on tour in 2023, including a show at Brooklyn's Union Pool on March 26. All tour dates are listed below.

Alice Boman - 10 Influences behind The Space Between

Thom Yorke - “Dawn Chorus”
I can listen to this song again and again just to stay in that world with just those sounds and Thom's voice. So direct and intimate — this is so beautiful.

The Blaze - “Virile” video
When we were in the studio and working on the song ‘Where To Put The Pain,’ we watched this video many times with the sound muted and got excited about how well the song we worked on fit with the video too. It felt like a good sign. Although everything would probably fit with this video because it’s so very good.

The War On Drugs - A Deeper Understanding
The whole feeling of this album is so inspiring to me in how it always puts me in a certain mood. A bit melancholic. And at the same time, it feels so warm and big and comforting. That’s how I hope to make people feel too.

Brian Eno and John Cale - “Spinning Away”
The rhythms, the vibe — I love how playful it feels. It makes me want to dance, stirs something in me, and makes me want to make music.

Dune (film)
Somehow I was not expecting to like it as much as I did. But I remember sitting in the movie theater and being so focused and immersed in this world. The film is so poetic and there are so many beautiful frames. I love when art makes you lose track of time like that.

The forest
I moved into an apartment in Stockholm that is literally 30 meters from where a forest begins. I go for walks there often and I feel so lucky to have it around the corner. The smell of pine trees, the fresh air, the quiet. I think it’s so good for me and for creating. Either for letting ideas evolve while walking, or just for humming or listening to sketches. Or to take a break - to be quiet. To not listen to anything but the breeze.

[Stockholm shop] In The Mood For Tea imports such delicate hojicha and sencha teas. Preparing and drinking teas makes me stop for a minute, calm down, and be still. Some me-time. Focusing on the taste and being in the moment. I think you can find inspiration in everything - not just the obvious things - and I think that this is something that inspires me. It’s also art.

Helen Frankenthaler
The colors in her work, the combinations, the mood. Something looking fairly simple but is so complex. I am always very aware of and affected by the things around me. How things look for example. Seeing or being surrounded by beautiful things really does something with your mood.

Helen Frankenthaler penguin press
image: Penguin Press

Angel Olsen - “Tonight”
The nerve and her very gentle -- but therefore so powerful -- singing and the stripped-down meeting the strings. I love how small and big this production feels at the same time. And the lyrics are so beautiful.

I’m trying to remember a certain book that I read while working on the songs or the recordings for this album. I read a lot, but I’m not good at remembering titles, embarrassing enough — however good or inspiring they are. If I could just see them, I would remember. And often when I read, I get inspired to write and have to put down the book straight away to not lose a certain thought. I know that I only read books in English when I worked on the songs — to get more into the language. One word in a book can get something going in me.


Alice Boman - 2022/2023 Tour Dates:
10/21/22 - Amsterdam, DE - Royal Theater Carré %
10/22/22 - London, UK - Barbican %
11/23/22 - Uppsala, SE - Katalin
11/24/22 - Göteborg, SE - Pustervik
11/25/22 - Oslo, NO - Krøsset
11/26/22 - Södra Teatern, Stockholm
12/07/22 - London, UK - The Lexington
12/08/22 - Manchester, UK - Gullivers
12/10/22 - Glasgow, UK - Hug & Pint
12/11/22 - Bristol, UK - Crofters Rights
01/26/23 - Malmö, SE - Malmö Live
01/27/23 - Aalborg, DK - Winderbeat Festival
02/11/23 - Copenhagen, DK - Lille Vega
02/12/23 - Hamburg, DE - Nachtasyl
02/13/23 - Berlin, DE - Kantine am Berghain
02/15/23 Baden, One Of A Million Festival
02/16/23 - Düdingen, CH - Bad Bonn
02/17/23 - Paris, FR - Point Éphémère
02/18/23 - Antwerp, BE - Trix
02/19/23 - Amsterdam, NL - Paradiso
03/24/23 - Toronto, ON - The Drake Hotel
03/25/23 - Montreal, QC - Casa del Popolo
03/26/23 - Brooklyn, NY - Union Pool
03/29/23 - Seattle, WA - Crocodile Presents @ Fremont Abbey
03/30/23 - Oakland, CA - Starline Social Club
03/31/23 - Los Angeles, CA - Moroccan Lounge

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