Sweet Cobra prep first LP in 7 years, ‘Threes’ (watch the “Coats” video)

Chicago's Sweet Cobra will release their first album in seven years, Threes, digitally on November 11 via Pax Aeternum, with vinyl arriving in early 2023 via drummer Jason Gagovski's label Hawthorne Street Records (pre-order vinyl or digital). The album was recorded by Hum's Matt Talbott, with initial tracking done by Allen Epley and Eric Abert (Shiner, The Life And Times), mixing by Converge's Kurt Ballou, and mastering by Cult of Luna's Magnus Lindberg. Matt Talbott also played additional guitar on "Soft 11" and Sarah Olmsted did backup vocals on "Wet Brain."

We're premiering lead single/opening track "Coats" and its video, which was made by Katie Kapuza and features dancer Maddie William Katsoudas. The song blurs the lines between punk, metal, and alternative rock, and here's what Jason tells us about it:

"Coats" is a song that was sort of accidentally written. We had gotten together to practice for some upcoming shows, with no intention of working on new material just yet and were just messing around on our gear and getting sounds. That main drum part just came to me, and Remis immediately started playing the bass line – almost like we already knew it. It kind of goes back to why we are in a band together in the first place – those moments where you just tune into the inspiration that's coming from the people in the room and follow it without an agenda and see where it goes without thinking too hard. This song is the first in the batch that compromises the album, and it helped set the tone of how we wanted to approach and capture the songs.

Check it out below...

1. Coats
2. Wet Brain
3. Cave
4. Least Worst
5. Bring Them The Water
6. Alive On Arrival
7. Soft 11
8. Melted
9. Escaped Goat
10. Fable