Alice The G00N’s New Rhythm & Dance Creation Will Intrigue Everyone

Reaching the ears of hundreds of thousands of listeners with her unforgettable voice and unique music is Alice The G00N, an artist you should keep on your radar because she is about to set the music world on fire! Alice’s latest single and a triple-threat, no less, is “Go”, a beautiful, fast-paced yet mysterious creation with a truly deep meaning. 

“Pursuing dreams, fighting to survive, or something as pedestrian as ‘work/life balance,’ it is easy to get stuck working in a bad environment (or have the environment get bad) without fully realizing just how toxic it is. ‘Go’ came from that experience,” the artist said. “There is a breaking-point, where you finally acknowledge that the situation just isn’t worth sticking around for. That’s ‘Go’.” Alice’s new song helps the listeners to understand these feelings and to figure out their next step which is to “go”.

Alice The G00N is a vibrant artist, whose debut was marked by “Who Do You Love?”, a truly impressive piece that serves as a reminder to always remember those who are dear to us. Explosive and playful, her songs always have an element of intrigue that’s amplified thanks to Alice’s beautiful voice. Crowned a “vocal assassin,” Alice is surely breaking the boundaries of genre and era, and you’ll want to witness it.

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