Pinkshift announce debut LP ‘Love Me Forever,’ share new single “i’m not crying, you’re crying”

After emerging in 2020 as one of the most promising new bands in punk/pop punk and releasing their excellent debut EP Saccharine last year, Baltimore trio Pinkshift signed to Hopeless Records last month and released one of their best songs yet, "nothing (in my head)." Now they've announced their debut full-length album, Love Me Forever, due out October 21 via their new label home. It was written earlier in the pandemic and recorded by Will Yip, and you can see the cover art and tracklist below.

"We were concerned this wouldn’t feel like an actual album," vocalist Ashrita Kumar says, "but because we all worked on it together throughout this period of time, it feels really cohesive. It defines an era of our lives."

Drummer Myron Houngbedji adds, “with everything that’s going on – both in the world and in our own lives – it feels like it was a very transitional period that influenced what we were writing about. They all have similar themes."

They've shared a new single from the album, "i'm not crying, you're crying," and you can watch the lyric video below. "'crying' is the one song on the record that I didn’t start with a particular direction, just raw and unfiltered emotion," Kumar says. "As the first song on Love Me Forever, it kicks the record off with a panicked denial - an immediately attacking response to the question of 'are you okay?' untrusting and doubtful of the intent and sincerity of that question."

Pinkshift - Love Me Forever

1. i'm not crying you're crying
2. nothing (in my head)
4. cherry (we're all gonna die)
5. the kids aren't alright
6. Trust Fall
7. in a breath
8. Cinderella
10. Love Me Forever
11. let me drown
12. Dreamer