Ari Lennox Shoots Her Shot At 21 Savage In His IG Live Comments

Ari Lennox was really feeling 21 Savage while he was singing some R&B classics on Instagram live.

Ari Lennox got pretty flirtatious with  in the comments of his recent Instagram live session, where he sang his heart out to a myriad of R&B hits. IG live has been pretty poppin' lately, with 's Quarantine Radio and all the beat battles between legendary producers. 21 Savage recently hopped on to give his followers , including songs by Beyoncé, , , , and many more. Ari Lennox was among the viewers that tuned into 21's at-home "concert," and while his vocal abilities may not be top notch, she was really feeling the show. Not only were 21's R&B renditions hilarious and low key wholesome, but they also had Ari liking what she was seeing.

"Oh you are fine as hell," she commented while he was in the middle of singing. As a veteran IG live streamer, Ari herself has had people shoot their shot at her in the comments on occasion,  Ari was discussing LaKeith's role in the film, The Photograph, on live a few weeks ago, complaining to him about having to see the movie in theatres all by herself. LaKeith, who was watching, proceeded to ask her to go with him once theatres opened up again, commenting, "Can you be my date? Let’s go." Ari freaked out at the invitation, stumbling over her words from the sheer excitement that he was asking her out. It looks like once quarantine is over, she'll have to choose between LaKeith and 21, if the rapper catches wind of how thirsty she is for him.