Buzzing Music Video: Monokino – “No Return”

If you are looking to watch and listen to something different than anything you’ve come across before, we have what you need. Monokino’s latest music video for the buzzing track “No Return.” You will dive into a sea of emotions that are triggered both by the unusually beautiful sounds and vocals by Monokino, but also by the visuals who have managed to capture the mystery of his music with a striking precision and distorted harmony. Monokino’s overflowing creativity is what impresses at first, so much he clearly holds within his very soul something very few artists have; a unicity that does not resemble anything familiar. We might describe the music as a combination between alternative indie-pop and electro-rock sonorities, but the truth is that the overall result is something we cannot describe, no matter how much we master words, nuances, and the knowledge of music. Monokino is just on a planet of his own, doing something only he understands, but one thing is certain, his sound is relatable, sublime at times, and powerfully inspiring.