Cakeswagg Talks About Latest Release: “Big Plays”

Trailblazing hip hop artist, Cakeswagg, opened up about her creative process and how she came up with “Big Plays.”  Admitting to repeatedly changing the chorus of her latest track, the talented songwriter from Boston has recently released a music video that is inspired by the Jazz Age. 

The video transports viewers back to the 1920s, which was a time of new music, fashion, and resilience, and the artist says that her plans for 2023 are similar to the defiance of rules that characterized that era. 

Cakeswagg has explained that the purpose of the song is to kick off 2023 and to prepare for everything that the year has in store. As an artist, she believes it is easy to become complacent when goals are achieved, but "Big Plays" serves as a reminder that the work is never truly finished. 

One of the challenges Cakeswagg faced while creating the song was ensuring that the chorus was catchy, which is important to attract listeners and make it indelible. The artist has achieved her goal with "Big Plays", as the song includes lyrics that are easy to rap along to and memorable enough to use as quotes for social media captions. 

She sings: “It’s still big cake I get it f*cking baking/ This ain’t no pop smoke but still f*cking shaking/ And you prolly won’t last if you hesitating/ Cuz don’t nobody hold the crown so that shits for the taking/ My b*tches choosey, we get boujee on you f*cking goofy/ Sorry Pooky , he a groupie  , I ain’t pop no coochie/ If you get crazy , I can promise , you gon lose a few things/ I’m still sturdy ,  do some proving if you wanna move me.” 

Cakeswagg's influences include Missy Elliot, Queen Latifa, Remy Ma, and Nicki Minaj, and she hopes to release more music in the coming months. Watch the official music video for "Big Plays" below and stream the song on Spotify.