Nate Blizzy Seizes The Moment With Recent Single “Live It Up”

Emerging NY-based singer-songwriter, Nate Blizzy, drops a new uplifting track that spreads positivity and joy. The single, called “Live It Up,” introduces sounds inspired from the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, at the same time injecting listeners with a sense of mindfulness, making them realize life’s beauty and blessings. 

Nate Blizzy admits that the new single is about “not waiting to celebrate.” The promising talent explains: “All of us, no matter what situation we’re in, have things to celebrate in our lives and the lives of those around us. But too often we wait for what we think could be a better or more convenient time to recognize and celebrate the great things that are in and around us.”

“The time to live it up is now - we have so much to be thankful for, and if we keep putting off the party it will never happen. Take time to live life to the fullest - don’t wait,” adds Nate. In the lyrics, he says: “Let’s talk about crew love/ Hold Me Down IMO big you up/ What’s mine is yours, I got them freaky girls /They can’t get enough/ Pop bottles in Club Eleven/ Miami feels like heaven.”

Integrating pop and R&B into his music, Nate Blizzy has shared many notable songs such as: “Flames,” “Stripper Music,” “If You Were My Girl,” “No Worries,” “Lost With You,” and the latest, “Live It Up.” Thanks to his exceptional innate talent, it is becoming increasingly evident that the artist will soon be topping the charts, earning himself a new set of achievements. 

Listen to “Live It Up” here: