Cann Zeka Is The Sole Man Behind CrossGenre Debut Single “Mirror Mirror”

DJ, producer, and singer-songwriter Cann Zeka is the sole man behind the creative debut single,”Mirror Mirror,” since he both raps and produces the instrumental of this contemporary cross genre track. Since his childhood years, he was exposed to almost all kinds of music, which both gave him a strong knowledge of the musical field and time to polish his innate skills. Inspired by philosophy, spirituality, and religion, Zeka’s attempt to share his inner battle with his audience proves how confident and transparent he is as an artist, but also as an individual striving for authenticity and honesty. Usher, Madonna, and the King of Pop, are the main artists that have motivated him towards pursuing his passion, and he stands today as one of the few contemporary artists capable of mixing Hip-Hop with electro-pop without it sounding artificial.