Charmian Devi Is The Queen Of Alternative Rock: “No Peace” And “Radio Of None”

Montreal based artist and singer-songwriter Charmian Devi releases her latest singles, “No Peace” and “Radio Of None,” two brilliant alternative rock tracks that once again prove the hype around each of her song releases. Her music has been described by Bob Dylan’s bassist Tony Garnier as “raw, intuitive, and in tune with the times,” without forgetting to mention that Garnier is one of the musicians who participated in the recordings of those two singles, along with many other extremely talented musicians, all renowned in their fields. Charmian sincerely creates music that comes straight from the heart and mind, as she beautifully pairs emotionality with a dominating political analysis of the world in most of her works. She has been a singer-songwriter for many years, inspired to start a career in music by her father, who always brought home the latest and most sought after albums of the times, including Bob Dylan’s, Pink Floyd’s, and the Beatles’

 Have a listen for yourself to “No Peace” and “Radio Of None” below, and dive into Charmian Devi’s unique art.