Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer Tease ‘Bolder, Bigger’ Season of ‘Down Home Fab’ (Exclusive)

Chelsea Houska DeBoer and husband Cole DeBoer are tackling "bolder" and "bigger" projects as they take their renovation business to the next level in Down Home Fab Season 2. Ahead of the HGTV series' return on Thursday, March 21, the Teen Mom 2 alum opened up to about what fans can expect in a fun, fab new season. 

"I feel like this season the projects feel bigger," Chelsea gushed. "I feel like Cole and I definitely have some more confidence and this season just feels so good." The couple, who recently announced their Down Home by DeBoers decor store, are taking their renovation projects to new heights this season with some "really, really major" undertakings that were a challenge in both size and scope. 

"It challenged me because I was just taking on a lot more at once than maybe I was used to," Chelsea said of some of her larger projects this season, teasing some instances in which she and Cole had to get "creative with the space you were given" due to the layout and age of the houses. 

(Photo: HGTV)

Whatever the hurdle, the HGTV stars were up for the challenge. "I feel like Chelsea and I were more ourselves this year. We were a lot more confident," Cole told PopCulture. Chelsea agreed, "People only had known me from Teen Mom beforehand ... and so going into the first season, it almost felt like we were proving ourselves, even though we felt confident going into it. We had done projects and stuff together beforehand, [but] it wasn't something that everyone really knew about it, and so that's why I think that this season is just a little bit more confident."

Working together was another confidence booster, as the married couple revealed they have a blast as business partners as well. "We try to make every day fun," Cole said, adding, "It's always good vibes, good energy. And it's a lot – I mean, we have four kids and we have a farm with a lot of animals, so it's definitely a lot going on. But I feel like if you go at it with a positive mindset and you look at it as something fun that we're fortunate to do, I definitely think that mindset really helps us."

Down Home Fab Season 2 premieres March 21 at 9 p.m. ET on HGTV