Wild Pink Surprised Fans By Unveiling The ‘Strawberry Eraser’ EP, Which Includes Three New Songs

Wild Pink surprised fans today by dropping their new EP titled Strawberry Eraser. At the beginning of March, Wild Pink released the song “Air Drumming Fix You,” which is now included on the three-track project as the lead single. The other tracks include “Unconscious Pilot” and “Cielo Wheed.”

This new EP marks the band’s first new full release since their 2022 album, ILYSM. Wild Pink’s vocalist, John Ross, spoke to Uproxx around that time and opened up about how his cancer diagnosis played a role in the songwriting.

“I think at the time it probably felt a little bit heavier than it does now,” Ross shared. “But I feel like when I listen to the record now, it doesn’t feel super heavy to me. I really didn’t wanna make anything too heavy-handed, too serious about it.”

As for what else is next for Wild Pink, they are currently touring across North America until June. A complete list of dates and more information can be found here.

Check out Wild Pink’s tracklist and cover art for their new Strawberry Eraser EP below.

Wild Pink’s Strawberry Eraser Cover Artwork

wild pink strawberry eraser ep
Fire Talk

Wild Pink’s Strawberry Eraser Tracklist

1. “Air Drumming Fix You”
2. “Unconscious Pilot”
3. “Cielo Wheed”

Strawberry Eraser is out now via Fire Talk. Find more information here.