CloudPainter Sets the Stages a Blaze With Fiery Debut “Love Come Down”

Modern Roots & Rock band, CloudPainter, strikes close to home with the heartwarming debut single “Love Come Down.” The music group’s lead vocalists RJ Cloud and Liz Painter, along with Bass guitarist Steve Smith and drummer Josh Sailor, breathe new life to the classic genre with their soothing arrangements and electric/acoustic undertones.

Cloud and Painter reminisce about what could have been, singing: “Something set you off/ Did you take it for granted/ Then leave it all behind/ Staring into this desert sky/ And wishing upon a star/ That this life will take you far/ Is love gonna come down and carry you away someday?/ Do you believe we can fly/ Through a beautiful sky/ In the middle of the night,”

Taking inspiration from Rock giants like Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty, Stevie Nicks, and Pink Floyd, CloudPainter, delivers a mash-up of Southern Rock, R&B, and Psychedelia, combining clean diatonic harmonies of traditional Folk with the vitality and instrumentation of Rock music. The spellbinding vocal performance from Painter adds an extra layer of depth to the track that hits all the right chords.

Written by Cloud and Painter, “Love Come Down,” follows CloudPainter’s years-long musical journey of how the members met in the desert and came together. Starting in a place called the Discovery Gallery, “an eclectic room of exotic percussion and unique instruments with regular jams and songwriting sessions,” the circle of friends grew so did “a sense that life would soon carry them away as each followed their own path.”

Following “Love Come Down,” CloudPainter plans to drop a debut album that will give people a taste of the Arizona desert culture and take them on an ecstatic ride to the good old days. In the meantime, the up-and-coming group continues to save what’s left of old-school music by creating high-quality content, restoring hope in the ever-declining industry.

Listen to “Love Come Down” here: