Jay Melody Keeps Shining With New Track “Nitasema”

Established Tanzanian singer-songwriter Jay Melody just recently released his latest hit single titled “Nitasema,” a mesmerizing drop set to exponentially expand his fan base and reach in the music industry. 

His fascinating new track offers the perfect balance between emotionality and energetic vibes, a super-impactful sonic cocktail that will further speed up his rise as one of Africa’s most talented artists. His incredible voice and positive mindset explain the meteoric success he’s had these past years, and he isn’t planning on stopping his ascension anytime soon.  

Jay Melody’s popularity skyrocketed with the hit single “KIVURUGE,” but also with “Goloka” “Sugar” and “Nakupenda”. With over 100M streams in total, he is clearly one of the most streamed artists from the continent. 

Jay Melody is also an actor and model, and founder of UNI FRIENDS, an edutainment event that aims to educate and entertain university students, while at the same time helping them discover their talent.