Davey Tiltwheel hospitalized with heart condition; GoFundMe launched

Tiltwheel vocalist Davey Quinn (aka Davey Tiltwheel) was hospitalized on Tuesday (11/2) with a heart condition, and his daughter Genevieve launched a GoFundMe to help him with his medical bills. It reads:

Hey y’all, my name is Genevieve and I’m creating this GFM on behalf of my father, Davey Quinn/Davey Tiltwheel. On 11/02/21 my father went to the emergency room after experiencing debilitating pain and worsening trouble breathing. He is currently still in the hospital as of 11/03/21 and will be held again overnight and possibly for the next couple of days. After CT scans, monitoring his heart rate, and examinations, the doctors have informed us that my dad’s heart is not functioning properly and is not producing enough blood to his lungs, hence not being able to breathe and being in constant pain. He is being put on medication and monitored during his stay. As many of you know, my dad is constantly on the go and usually works extended hours between the record shop and doing sound, often 16-18 hours a day without breaks. In order for him to heal he needs to slow down and take time for himself, but a major part of that is money.

As high as the goal is, I want my dad to be able to not worry about anything. All donated funds will go towards my father’s rent, bills, medication, food, and just generally to survive for the next few months while we start the long and dreadful process of applying for disability and as his body heals.

My dad is going to need a lot of help and while we are unsure of the outcome, my family and I are hopeful that he will be able to heal properly and as stress free as possible. I will post any updates here as well as any messages from my pops. I think we all want him to stick around for as long as possible and these donations will be a major relief. My dad has never been good at asking for help, and is always willing to be the one helping, but I know how badly he needs support during this time.

Thank you so much,

The Fest also posted, "Our friend Davey Tiltwheel can use some help right now, he’s played EVERY SINGLE FEST and is an all around great dude, he even worked sound at Vecinos this weekend! Please help and share if you can."

Donate here.