Eventually Epic Reveals Inspiration Behind “Grey” & Shares Insights Into The Music Video

Debarun (Roon) Bhattacharjya (guitars and vocals) and Sachin Premasuthan (vocals and keytar) of Eventually Epic, discuss their latest release “Grey.” The fulfilling track comes with aesthetically pleasing visuals that evoke a spectrum of emotions. The music video features the bleak streets of New York City as a poignant backdrop for the song's nostalgic exploration of a past relationship.

In a recent interview, the musicians reveal: “Roon started writing Grey way back when he was in high school, soon after he taught himself how to play some basic chords on the guitar. He was initially inspired by the first line of a poem that his sister - author and activist Manjima Bhattacharjya - wrote. Around the same time, he remembers falling in love with suspended chord arpeggios, while playing along to Suzanne Vega's song ‘Luka.’”

They add: “He completed an acoustic version of this song several years later as a graduate student in Stanford University, where he also performed it live for the very first time with Sachin. We have tried to convey a sense of pensiveness and yearning using simple yet universal lyrics, haunting vocal harmonies, acoustic guitar arpeggios, and other sparingly used surreal instrumental sounds.”

As for the music video, Eventually Epic explains: “The unique interpretive dance was choreographed and performed by Jillian Linkowski and Razvan Stoian from Battery Dance. They did a great job capturing the heartbreak of a couple who aren’t over their past relationship. The concept and direction is by Barry Steele, who had some wonderfully creative ideas such as using a noticeably desolate New York City as the backdrop, and interspersed color with black and white visuals to convey a sense of nostalgia.”

Eventually Epic experiments with various genres, including classic rock, contemporary pop, Bollywood tunes, and Indian folk/fusion. The band has built a solid reputation as dynamic live performers who radiate raw energy during their shows. "Grey," is a beautiful combination of brilliant songwriting and exquisite visuals that explores the theme of lost love. Their debut album is set to be released in April, and they have multiple performances scheduled for later this year.

Watch the official music video for “Grey” below:

Listen to “Grey” here: