‘FBI: Most Wanted’: Edwin Hodge On Ray and Cora ‘Stepping Into a New World’ Following Season 5 Finale Wedding (Exclusive)

The FBI: Most Wanted Season 5 finale has come and gone with Ray and Cora's wedding, and Edwin Hodge spoke to PopCulture.com about what's next for the happy couple. In "Powderfinger," the team had to stop a dirty bomb that was threatening the city of Manhattan but after the case came to an end successfully, Ray was finally able to put his focus on his much-anticipated wedding to Caroline Harris' Cora Love.

Hodge told PopCulture that his favorite aspect of the wedding was "the idea that we get to show a little light in this dark world, it's a show that at times is very intense." He continued, "And as much as we would like to end on a good note, not all the time do we. And it's nice to show a little love, show a little happiness, people dancing, eating food, and what it would be like in the real world. What it would be like for Ray to have all his team members come and support him at his wedding as far as his family, what that means to him. But the audiences, this is the stuff that they eat up. They love to see happy moments. I love to see happy moments, they eat it. We live in a world where not everything is peachy keen for a lot of people, and television sometimes is someone's only escape. That's the hour that they can have to give them some type of joy, so when we have the opportunity to bring some light to the show, I love it."

(Photo: Mark Schafer/CBS)

The wedding was on a rooftop in Brooklyn and ended with a second line, an integral part of New Orleans culture. The reason for the second line, Hodge said, is because "it's important to show one's culture ultimately. Ray is from New Orleans, and no matter where he goes, there's going to be something about him that is ingrained in that world. His father, Ray Senior, he knows what it means to be from New Orleans. That is his culture. And you know you can't have a wedding without a second line. That's mandatory, right? So, I nod off to the writers for including that. I think it's really, really important to show people's culture in general, be it internationally or domestically because things in California is completely different than Georgia and New York. People celebrate and do things that are just different, so why not show the world just something a little different?"

While one would think that an episode like this one with a big, happy wedding to close out the finale, there would be something bad to happen in the final seconds. That did not happen. There was no cliffhanger, and the episode ended with everyone happy and celebrating and that's exactly what Hodge wanted.

"I think with the case that we have and the wedding, you get a really, really nice balance," Hodge explained. "The cliffhanger, not necessarily do I feel we need the cliffhanger because I feel that with this type of show and just the dick work world, we can open up with an episode or a cross between all three shows. We have the ability to really start off with a bang, so why not give people peace of mind? 'Ooh, Ray's so happy.' Season 6 premiere, you're like, 'Oh crap, what's going on with Ray?' Why not? Yeah, let's play on all of their emotions."

(Photo: Mark Schafer/CBS)

Speaking of playing on emotions, Edwin Hodge also previewed what's next for the newlyweds, and it will definitely be a shift for the both of them. "Well, they're both stepping into a new world," he said. "Cora's having to deal with a husband who, at any given moment, has to up and leave. You're going to be taking on random cases. He'll be gone for two days, maybe a week, she'll never know. He'll never know until he gets the case. So their life is going to be completely just... it's going to be unpredictable. You also got to worry about Caleb, mentally where he stands as far as his newfound love for this man who has now become his idol. Not only that, his father who's promised to take care of him and love him as well."

"So they're going to have a lot to deal with," Hodge continued. "And as far as Ray is concerned, it's equally going to be as tasking. He is dedicated to his job, his life's what pays his bills, that's what makes Ray Ray. But now with a new aspect in his life where he's going to have to make some decisions. So I'm interested in playing out the unforeseen situations that may arise, but just making sure that we do it in a very realistic and connective way."

While the events leading up to the wedding may have been a bit intense, the event itself was as magical as ever. As with any marriage, though, it's not going to be easy. Ray, Cora, and Caleb will have to navigate being a family and balance Ray's job, where he's always leaving. It put a strain on Barnes' relationship, and it's hard to tell how it will affect the Cannons. With Season 6 of Most Wanted premiering this fall on CBS, it won't be long until fans find out.