Firefly Music Festival Is Sadly Not Coming Back In 2024, And It’s Not Clear When The Beloved Fest Will Return


It is looking like another year of bad news for music lovers who were looking to attend the Firefly Music Festival in Dover, Delaware in 2024. Given that the festival didn’t take place last year either, as they were reportedly taking a break, there were questions about if it would ever return. Today (February 29), Firefly released a statement about what people can expect for now.

“Firefly Music Festival will not return in 2024,” they wrote. “We look forward to powering Firefly’s lights back on someday when the timing is right, but until then, The Woodlands will continue to host new music events for years to come. Keep on dancing, fam.”

Things seemed to have changed drastically since Firefly’s previous post, which was made in October 2022 and was an exciting confirmation that fans would get to see them in 2024. Because of this, fans on social media are upset and mourning the loss of a festival that they went to a bunch and loved.

Firefly’s traditional hosting spot at Dover’s The Woodlands will be the home to other festivals this year. Phish has appeared to be the ones taking things over, at least for 2024. The jam band announced that they’ll be hosting their new Mondegreen festival there.

Check out the post from Firefly Music Festival above.