Halsey Says Her ‘Secret’s Finally Out’ — See Her Big Announcement

Halsey says her "secret's finally out" in a big announcement on social media. The singer took to Instagram to share that her makeup company, About-Face, "is now available at Shoppers Beauty online + in select stores" in Canada. "I can't wait for the Canadian beauty community to get to play with these products and to see the looks you all create," the mother-of-one wrote in the post's caption. "Hope you love these products as much as I've loved creating them, see you soon."

In her video announcement, Halsey — who uses both "she/her" and "they/them" pronouns — took some time to introduce herself and her makeup brand to Canadian fans who may be interested in checking out About-Face. "As a performer, when I was first starting out, I had to be my own makeup artist," Halsey shared. "I couldn't find exactly the products that I needed most of the time. Products that held up on stage, looked really good on camera, and allowed me to feel really creative and have the major color payoff that you can see from super far away. So that's why I created About-Face."

"It's made for the many of you, whether you're just starting to experiment with makeup, or looking for more artistry products to advance your creativity even more," the Grammy-nominated singer continued. "It's been really important to me, since the beginning, that the formulas and the branding feel like there are no limits because, to me, that's what makeup is really about.

"Bringing the brand to Canada is exciting for us because it opens up a whole new world of possibilities for makeup enthusiasts all across the country," Halsey went on to say. "From the products we develop, to naming every shade, to campaign concepts, my hands wrapped around everything. I promise you."

"I'm just so proud of About-Face and what it stands for, and all that we've managed to accomplish so far. It's for everyone. All skin types. And our products are high-performance, long-wear, highly pigmented, and vegan. Always," Halsey added. "I can't wait for you guys to see and experience these products in person... it's so exciting to have the products available in Canada, and there's a lot more surprises and fun new things coming this year. I promise."