Gyubin returns with ethereal music video for new single ‘Satellite’

K-pop singer Gyubin has made her comeback with a new single titled ‘Satellite’.

In the music video for ‘Satellite’, the singer wanders through nature with a broken cassette player, marvelling at the fauna around her. At the end of her journey, she hits play on the cassette player, and celebrates as it begins to play again.

Following the countless stars above / Moments shining bright / So maybe I’m a satellite / Quietly orbiting your path, I’m a satellite / At the end of my day, I’m your satellite,” she belts in the chorus.

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“Leaving behind the regrets of not being able to treat our most precious hidden child well in the past, I now promise to become your ‘Satellite’ and quietly orbit around you, delivering messages of love and comfort that will light up your day,” said Gyubin of the song’s message in a press release.

‘Satellite’ is Gyubin’s second digital single, following her January debut ‘Really Like You’ and its “spring version”, which dropped in April. The song garnered significant attention both domestically and internationally on TikTok.

Back in April, the singer also teamed up with NELL’s Kim Jong-wan on the song ‘Special’. The release marked the final instalment of Gyubin’s collaboration project trilogy, which also included ‘Scribble’ with rapper Wonstein and ‘Start To Shine’ with Dynamic Duo’s Gaekko.


In other K-pop news, former LOONA singer Chuu has made a comeback with her second mini-album ‘Strawberry Rush’ and its title track of the same name. The release comes eight months after the idol made her solo debut with the mini-album ‘Howl’ last October.