Life is a video game in Chuu’s new music video for ‘Strawberry Rush’

K-pop singer Chuu has returned with her second mini-album and its title track ‘Strawberry Rush’.

In the new visual, Chuu enters the world of a video game, where she runs on walls and shoots her way through hordes of colourful enemies as she chases down a golden trophy. Her pursuit takes her into space, where she races along a rainbow road and eventually back to earth to claim her prize.

Can’t get enough, that strawberry rush / I’ll rush over to you and keep you safe / In lightning speed, crushin’ ya, crushin’ ya, crushin’ ya / Find your bravery, woo,” she sings in the upbeat chorus.

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During a recent interview with Korea JoongAng Daily, the singer shared that she hopes the song will bring support and comfort to her listeners. “Someone might laugh at the lyrics and go, ‘What’s up with her?’ But I’m serious. And while the lyrics might feel odd when you first listen to them, they flow with the melody and make the song memorable after all,” said Chuu.

In support of the new release, Chuu has also announced a fan concert tour in the Americas, including shows in the US, Mexico and more. The tour will kick off this July in Los Angeles.


‘Strawberry Rush’ comes eight months after Chuu made her official solo debut with her mini-album ‘Howl’ last October. Prior to that, the singer had been active as a member of girl group LOONA since 2017.

In related news, fellow LOONA member Yves made her solo debut earlier this month with her first mini-album ‘Loop’ and its title track of the same name, which features rapper Lil Cherry. In an interview with NME, the singer shared that the girl group had “made a little promise to ourselves to do our best in our own separate positions outside of the group”.