HYUNJUN Shares Pop Track “Backseat”

hyunjun backseat

Domestic artist HYUNJUN is making tidal waves in the US market with his hot new single, "Backseat." Deeply rooted in K-pop, one can feel its experimental step away, showing the growth of the artist and his desire to reach a global audience.

The synths of "Backseat" boil with an insidious sort of all-night energy, and HYUNJUN's vocals slide perfectly into the vibe. The lyrics just try to draw a picture of the dawn of a new relation, to catch the dizziness of an exciting feel, and longing for a relationship.

HYUNJUN solves all of this without hesitation to get vulnerable with lines like "I've been dreamin' bout you every day and night," "Every touch I'm lost in your body." The title only becomes an inversion into the metaphoric intensity and secrecy of the newfound love.

But this isn't just some summer fling, with the lyrics vaguely suggesting that something more is at hand: "So can we just fall in love it's like we were meant to be." HYUNJUN appealingly asks for what everyone wants when starting a new relationship: "Can you love me? Oh just like I love you?"

"Backseat" is an anthemic track that speaks to the sensations lived by those who had ever been swept off their feet by new love. With this charismatic piece of delivery and such energy, the song is a sure cut to any playlist.

Play “Backseat” below: