Indiecast Discusses Apple Music’s ‘Best Worst’ 100 Albums List


Steven and Ian open this week’s episode by recapping Ian’s epic technical fail that canceled last week’s episode. They also revisit last week’s lost Kings Of Leon conversation and this year’s wealth of memory-holed albums. Finally, Steven expresses gratitude that his Sportscast rant about jinxing the Timberwolves in the lost episode never aired.

Then the guys address Apple Music’s list of the 100 best albums, which prompted a lot of conversation this week. For instance: Is 1989 (Taylor’s Version) really the 18th best album of all time? Steven forwards the idea that 60 years might be too wide of a time span for one list when it comes to assessing music. From there, they review the new album by DIIV, Frog In Boiling Water, which Steven might like more than Ian.

In Recommendation Corner, Ian hypes up the latest from Young Jesus while Steven stumps for From Indian Lakes.

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