Megaforce Records founders’ private collection up for auction

Megaforce Records cofounder Jon Zazula died in February, just a year after his wife, Marsha, passed away, and now their private collection of records, memorabilia and other items is up for auction. The auction is running now through September 11.

The Zazula Estate Auction is running via Backstage Auctions, and includes albums, CDs, test-pressings, publicity photos, posters, flyers, t-shirts, tour jackets, handwritten lyrics, awards, merch, swag, personal mementos, and lots more from such artists as Metallica, Anthrax, Ministry, Ace Frehley, Venom, Testament, KISS, S.O.D., Raven, Anvil, and even a few non-metal acts like The Grateful Dead and Blue Cheer.

A few of the more unique items:

  • Anthrax's original 1988 Not Man mascot head
  • The keys to Metallica’s stolen 1983 U-Haul truck
  • Mercyful Fate’s Melissa master reels
  • A yarmulke from Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian's 1987 wedding

Check out all the items up for bid here, and for more on the auction, Goldmine talked to Backstage Auction's Jacques van Gool on the Goldmine Podcast, which you can listen to below.