Mike Polizze (Purling Hiss) tells us about the music he’s been listening to during lockdown

Purling Hiss frontman Mike Polizze will release his solo debut, Long Lost Solace Find, on July 31. He made the record with pal Kurt Vile, who plays on most of it, and you can listen to "Revelation" and "Cheewawa" from it below.

We've been asking artists what they've been listening to during coronavirus lockdown, and Mike made a playlist that includes Opal, Meat Puppets, Gabor Szabo, Popol Vuh, Nick Lowe's pub rock group Brinsley Schwarz, Cluster, and more. "Quarantine has allowed time to catch up on music and reflect on artists' work that's been introduced to me over the years. This playlist is a hodge-podge of that with my own discoveries and random finds on recent summer days, trying to keep cool and ears perked for new jams...not to mention many of the following were inspirations for my own creative endeavors."

Here's a little more on Mike's selections:

A few of the tunes consist of '70s rock I found in a bookstore in rural Pennsylvania last summer. The owner had worked at a record distro back then and had all these records (Groundhogs, Hawkwind, Man, Mountain, and some stuff I've never heard of) out for sale on his sidewalk. I've put them back in rotation recently.

The rest of the mix includes anything from Opal (all-star duo David Roback & Kendra Smith!) to Ted Lucas (a Motown exotic string instrumentalist who played balalaika & sitar and was a student of Ravi Shankar). Some SST-era Meat Puppets "Up on the Sun", and into Brain Records-greats, Cluster to just keep you floating in outer space. Enjoy!"

You can listen to Mike's quarantine playlist below.


YouTube playlist:

Individual tracks:

PETER KELLEY - "Inspiration"

QUAH - "Hamar Promenade"

OPAL - "This Town"

TED LUCAS - "Now That I Know"

MEAT PUPPETS - "Up on the Sun"


STEVE ASHLEY - "Fire And Wine"

GABOR SZABO - "Galatea's Guitar"

POPOL VUH - "Oh wie weit ist der weg hinauf"

CLUSTER - "Rote Riki"