Purling Hiss’ Mike Polizze announces solo debut ft. Kurt Vile (Listen to “Revelation”)

Purling Hiss frontman Mike Polizze will release his debut solo album, Long Lost Solace Find, on July 31 via Paradise of Bachelors. Purling Hiss are known for being very loud, but this shows his softer side. "This record is largely acoustic, mellow, and almost without electric guitar," writes Mike." It consists of mostly love songs and Moody jams." He made the album with fellow Philly musician and old friend Kurt Vile, who plays on about half the album. "I’m so proud and honored to have made the cut on five jams," says Kurt, adding, "I think we all could use these catchy, beautiful jams in our respective quarantines (physical and mental)... I needed this shit! Mike Polizze is the guitar god of Philly, and Jeff Zeigler (recording king) knocked this one out the park, baby."

The first single is "Revelation" which Kurt calls "the summer jam I needed, and this is absolutely my summer record. I’m not just sayin' that because Mike is my bro, and I happened to play and sing on it." Listen below.

Mike Polizze - Long Lost Solace Find tracklist:
1. Bainmaire
2. Revelation
3. Cheewawa
4. Wishing Well
5. Eyes Reach Across
6. Do, Do, Do
7. Edge Of Time
8. Rock On A Feather
9. D’Modal
10. Sit Down
11. Marbles
12. Vertigo