Multiple Music Festivals, Including Sueños And Jack Harlow’s Gazebo Festival, Ended Early Or Were Canceled Due To Extreme Weather


This weekend was a tough one for music festivals, as two major events ended up getting cut short due to extreme weather conditions.

Jack Harlow’s two-day Gazebo Festival started on Saturday, May 25, but the second day was canceled before it even began. The area of the Louisville, Kentucky festival was put on a tornado watch, and ultimately, Day 2 was called off.

A statement from organizers said in part, “The safety of our patrons, artists and staff is paramount. Due to continuing hazardous conditions throughout the early afternoon and a second wave of weather expected this evening, we have made the very difficult decision to cancel the remainder of Gazebo Festival.”

Chicago’s Sueños Festival suffered a similar fate. The city faced rain and thunderstorms on Sunday the 26th, enough to delay the festival’s start. Doors ended up opening at 4 p.m. local time, instead of at noon as initially scheduled. At about 8 p.m., minutes after Maluma had taken the stage, the festival was evacuated.

It wasn’t just those two parts of the country, either: CenTex Country Music Fest — which was set to go down in Temple, Texas on June 1 — has also been canceled due to damage a May 22 storm caused to the festival grounds.

This all comes after this year’s Lovers & Friends Festival was canceled earlier this month, also for weather-related reasons.