Murdered Actress Laila Khan’s Stepfather Sentenced to Death 13 Years After Her Killing

Actress Laila Khan's murder could finally have a conclusion over a decade since she and her family were shot. According to News Nine, Khan and five members of her family were murdered back in 2011.

Parvez Tak was convicted of the slaying, landing the death penalty after his trial. Tak was Khan's mother Shelina's third husband and reportedly decided to murder the family to capture their property, which includes an apartment and shop in Oshiwara, an apartment in Mira Road, and a farmhouse in Igatpuri. Jewelry and cash belonging to the family were also targeted, but it seems to be the least of the allegations against Tak and his machinations.

Khan's mother's second husband, Asif Shaikh, alleged that Tak had wanted to push Laila Khan and her sisters into prostitution. "Azmina, Zara and Reshma would tell me Tak always asked them to go to Dubai to earn money. But the girls were not ready. Tak used to harass them and threatened them," Shaikh said, according to The Hindustan Times.

He later admitted to his "insecurity" motivating himself to murder, with money playing a part. After being denied earnings from Khan's work in Dubai, he admitted to putting the murder plan in motion.

Tak and associate Shakir Hussain both played a part in the slaying, with the latter getting hired as a watchman at the family's farmhouse property. "After Laila Khan's family reached the farmhouse with Tak, he had an argument with Shelina following which he hit her with a blunt object, leading to her death," News Nine details. "When the other family members rushed to help, he allegedly bludgeoned Imran with the help of the watchman. The duo then murdered the remaining family members using knives and rods and buried the bodies in the compound and set the house on fire to destroy the evidence."

Tak was found guilty of all of the murders, earning the death penalty and closing the book on the murders after a decade.