New documentary looks inside life of music industry | The Music Universe

Home on the Road gives incite into musicians and success in the industry

True Source Entertainment and creator Joshua Caleb Smith have launched Home on the Road, a new documentary that takes a hard look at America, the American music industry, what success means, and what living as an artist in this country is like for everyday people.

This documentary, created by artist, Joshua C.S. is a look into the day in the life of an artist in today’s music industry. He asks the question “What is success?” to all he encounters, and offers a deep look into the world of the music industry, pulling the curtain back in the way only someone on the inside can. At a time when musicians are among the hardest hit by their inability to work during the current pandemic, this documentary will shed some light on the inner workings of an industry that does little to support its creators.

Starting with a countrywide tour in 2012, the project is focuses on working class musicians, including some Nashville legends, Darrell Scott, Buddy Miller and Jamie O’Neal.

There will be a follow up series to the documentary, sharing a similar style that will will focus on more broad topics and attempt to dig even deeper into current issues in the music industry and the world today.

The nearly hour documentary made its premiere on YouTube over the weekend and is free to watch below.