US country star Zach Bryan releases new album featuring Bruce Springsteen and John Mayer

US country star Zach Bryan has today released a new album featuring Bruce Springsteen and John Mayer – listen to it in full below.

The album, titled ‘The Great American Bar Scene’, features 19 tracks in total, which are made up of 18 songs and one poem. In addition to previously released tracks ‘Pink Skies’ and ‘Purple Gas’, the album also features collaborations with Springsteen, Mayer and John Mooreland. 

Earlier this year, Bruce Springsteen performed with Bryan on stage at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center in New York where they debuted ‘Sandpaper’ live. 

Leading up to the release of the album, Bryan selected 21 of his favourite bars across America and Canada where fans could hear tracks from the album before anybody else.


Listen to the album in full here and check out the tracklist below:  

 ‘The Great American Bar Scene’ Tracklist:

  1. ‘Lucky Enough’
  2. ‘Mechanical Bul’l
  3. ‘The Great American Bar Scene’
  4. ‘28’
  5. ‘American Nights’
  6. ‘Oak Island’
  7. ‘Purple Gas’
  8. ‘Boons’
  9. ‘The Way Back’
  10. ‘Memphis; The Blues’ (ft. John Moreland)
  11. ‘Like Ida’
  12. ‘Bass Boat’
  13. ‘Better Days’ (ft. John Mayer)
  14. ‘Towers’
  15. ‘Sandpaper’ (ft. Bruce Springsteen)
  16. ‘Northern Thunder’
  17. ‘Funny Man’
  18. ‘Pink Skies’
  19. ‘Bathwater’

Earlier this week, Bryan brought out the viral ‘Hawk Tuah’ girl as as special guest during his concert in Nashville, Tennessee.

While taking over the Nissan Stadium in Nashville last Saturday (June 29) as part of his ongoing ‘Quittin Time’ tour, the country singer brought out the ‘Hawk Tuah’ girl – real name Hailey Welch – to join him during ‘Revival’ the final song of the night.

Welch has gone viral on social media after being interviewed about what drives a man crazy in bed during an on-the-street video interview. In the clip, Welch responds with: “You gotta give ’em that ‘hawk tuah’ and spit on that thang!”

After singing the song with Bryan, Welch went on to give the crowd a “hawk tuah!” before walking off stage to roaring cheers from the attendees. Elsewhere in his set that same night, Kacey Musgraves came out to perform their 2023 collab track ‘I Remember Everything’.


In other news, Machine Gun Kelly recently covered Bryan’s ‘Sun To Me’, continuing his pivot into the country genre.