Watch Divided Heaven’s murder mystery-themed music video starring Jess Adams

Divided Heaven, aka punk singer/songwriter Jeff Berman, recently released his new album Oblivion on A-F Records (US) and Gunner Records (EU), and here's what he said about it:

I had to write a record that matched the times: delicate to chaotic, heartfelt to dirty," says Berman. "Before, I would've shied away from topics such as sexual assault and victim blaming but this time I called-out the disgusting misogyny (in the track 'Reckoning') and threw shade at the abusers in our music scene (in the track 'Creep'). Before, I might've tried to portray some semblance of decency about my fellow citizenry; this time I lament that goodness and kindness are losing the culture war (in the track 'Panic') and trolling is rewarded over intelligence (in the track 'Burn Me').

[...] I landed at the geographic musical midpoint of my heart: directly between (Carole King's) Tapestry and (Motley Crue's) Shout At The Devil. Odd as that may sound, that helped guide my attempt to combine sensibility with attitude and helped me shift from Americana to overdrive rock.

The album includes the Lydia Loveless-featuring anti-Trump song "They Poisoned Our Fathers" that originally came out in 2020 before Election Day, and two of the tracks were produced by Frank Turner, including "Beginning of the End." That song has now been given the video treatment, and here's what Jeff says about it:

What better way to ring in the Oblivion era of Divided Heaven than by killing off the previous eras with three sexy, provocative and violent murders? Starring the amazing/beautiful Jess Adams and directed by Justin Nelson and John Lafirira (Spanish Love Songs, Tiny Stills), 'Beginning of the End' sees the offing of A Rival City Jeff, Youngblood Jeff and Cold War Jeff in spectacular fashion. I needed to sever my previous incarnations of Divided Heaven for this new record, Oblivion, to bloom. So enjoy the former Jeff's get theirs in this video and enjoy the new album.

Watch the video and stream the full LP below...