Watch ska-core band Noise Complaint’s video for “Suburban Warfare” off split with The UpFux

Two ska-punk/ska-core bands, California's Noise Complaint and NJ's The UpFux, have come together for a split LP called Coastal Collapse that's due September 23 via Bad Time Records (pre-order). Both bands make raw, scorching ska-punk that brings to mind stuff like Operation Ivy and Choking Victim; it's a sound that never goes out of style, and both bands put a totally refreshing spin on it. If you like loud, fast ska-punk that's rough around the edges but still catchy, this split is for you.

We're premiering the video for one of Noise Complaint's contributions, "Suburban Warfare," which vocalist Jordan Contreras tells us "was written at the height of the Black Lives Matter movement and the lyrics are a response to seeing all the demonstrations in which protestors were being brutalized by police. Our drummer Nick showed me a demo of the song he had recorded in his room, and I fell in love with it and knew we had to record it as a Noise Complaint track for this split. For the music video, we got incredibly lucky and happened to meet the owner of an abandoned building in the area who was super cool and let us film inside." The video also works in protest footage, and the song ends with a clip of the "I yield my time, fuck you!" guy. Check it out below.

The UpFux also have a video out for one of their contributions, "Drowning," which singer Curt Fux told Punk News is about "when you wake up tired and hung over, not sure if you pissed anyone off or how you got home. The moment you’re vomiting and questioning why you keep repeating the same mistakes. You think you're in control but it's a constant battle of restraint over misery. 'Drowning' is about alcoholism and how the high always seems fun the night before, but now you’re at the bottom, dry heaving and regretting everything." Check that one out below too.

1. The UpFux - Introspective
2. The UpFux - Drowning
3. The UpFux - Wasted Time
4. The UpFux - Swine Stew
5. The UpFux - Clarity
6. The UpFux - Freedumb
7. Noise Complaint - Plague Rats
8. Noise Complaint - Sanctioned Assasins
9. Noise Complaint - Off The fence
10. Noise Complaint - Suburban Warfare
11. Noise Complaint - Maladjusted