LADIPOE Delves Deep in “Hallelujah,” A Song About Hustle and Loyalty


LADIPOE flips the script with his current release, "Hallelujah." The very introspective track throws out the usual party anthem and goes straight into a personal exploration of the relentless drive pushing artists forward.

"Hallelujah" starts with a catchy, infectious line: "Nothing now wey go kill my vibe." LADIPOE drives the point to the ground after, mentioning that at least it is a background to his commitment toward music that's still unshakeable in the face of all other troubles.

The verses take a much closer look at the sacrifices required by the grind. He rhymes about his loyalty to his crew, "My man fall I go stand beside / 100 fold I no undermine," probably while knowing growing up and the complexities of it, "You know what's really hard about the shift to manhood from adolescence / Is going forward there'll be harder lessons."

Not all hardship, though, "Hallelujah" is LADIPOE reveling in the refusal to not be successful. Lines like: "I'm that student of the hustle/That's used to breaking its laws/20 percent na talent/Apply it with no remorse" say as much about relentless work ethic, perhaps even more, alongside raw talent.

Still yet, the chorus is the life of the music: "Hallelujah" becomes a repeating mantra of the music throughout the track. It speaks to his conviction for what it is he's doing and where he's going with it.

The production on "Hallelujah" is perfect; if tied to the introspective lyrics, a subdue beat and melancholic melody allow LADIPOE's rapping to take front and center. "Hallelujah" is the candid and honest look into the mind of a determined artist. The way it lays bare the sacrifices and determination required in the pursuit of a dream could be a narrative that shall resonate with everyone who has ever dared to chase an apparently impossible goal. This is no ordinary Afrobeats banger; this is a song on grit, loyalty, and the relentlessness of spirit that propels success.

Experience “Hallelujah” below: