Oasis Isn’t Reuniting, But Previously Unheard Music Is Coming Via A ‘Definitely Maybe’ Anniversary Reissue


Over the past few days, Oasis’ social media accounts have been sharing cryptic posts like this. This got some people excited over the possibility of a long-awaited reunion from the group. Ultimately, what has ended up being the case was revealed today (May 23): Oasis announced Definitely Maybe (30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition).

This reissue of the band’s 1994 debut album includes “discarded original recording session at Monnow Valley Studios” and “outtakes from the definitive album recorded at Sawmills Studios in Cornwall, newly mixed for the first time by Noel Gallagher and Callum Marinho.”

The release is available in a number of different formats, including 4-LP, 2-CD, cassette, and digital.

Check out the tracklist below.

Definitely Maybe (30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) Tracklist

Volume 1

1. “Rock ‘n’ Roll Star (Remastered)”
2. “Shakermaker (Remastered)”
3. “Live Forever (Remastered)”
4. “Up In The Sky (Remastered)”
5. “Columbia (Remastered)”
6. “Supersonic (Remastered)”
7. “Bring It On Down (Remastered)”
8. “Cigarettes & Alcohol (Remastered)”
9. “Digsy’s Dinner (Remastered)”
10. “Slide Away (Remastered)”
11. “Married With Children (Remastered)”

Volume 2

1. “Rock ‘n’ Roll Star (Monnow Valley Version)”
2. “Shakermaker (Monnow Valley Version)”
3. “Live Forever (Monnow Valley Version)”
4. “Up In The Sky (Monnow Valley Version)”
5. “Columbia (Monnow Valley Version)”
6. “Bring It On Down (Monnow Valley Version)”
7. “Cigarettes & Alcohol (Monnow Valley Version)”
8. “Digsy’s Dinner (Monnow Valley Version)”
9. “Rock ‘n’ Roll Star (Sawmills Outtake)”
10. “Up In The Sky (Sawmills Outtake)”
11. “Columbia (Sawmills Outtake)”
12. “Bring It On Down (Sawmills Outtake)”
13. “Cigarettes & Alcohol (Sawmills Outtake)”
14. “Digsy’s Dinner (Sawmills Outtake)”
15. “Slide Away (Sawmills Outtake)”
16. “Sad Song (Mauldeth Road West Demo, Nov ’92)”

Definitely Maybe (30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) is out 8/30 via Big Brother Recordings. Find more information here.